And we have a winner!

Now that your votes yielded no winner, we have put both the titles in the random picker once again, and it picked An Abundance Of Katherines, by John Green! 🙂

Katherine V thought boys were gross
Katherine X just wanted to be friends
Katherine XVIII dumped him in an e-mail
K-19 broke his heart

When it comes to relationships, Colin Singleton’s type happens to be girls named Katherine. And when it comes to girls named Katherine, Colin is always getting dumped. Nineteen times, to be exact.

On a road trip miles from home, this anagram-happy, washed-up child prodigy has ten thousand dollars in his pocket, a bloodthirsty feral hog on his trail, and an overweight, Judge Judy-loving best friend riding shotgun–but no Katherines. Colin is on a mission to prove The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability, which he hopes will predict the future of any relationship, avenge Dumpees everywhere, and finally win him the girl. Love, friendship, and a dead Austro-Hungarian archduke add up to surprising and heart-changing conclusions in this ingeniously layered comic novel about reinventing oneself.”

Happy reading! 😀


February’s book is here!

Ladies and gents, we’re back! 😀 And once gain, it’s time to read!

We don’t expect ideal interaction, because we’ve been away for a while. This month we’re not asking you to vote, for the random picker has picked a single book. Another intriguing classic!


Source: Goodreads.

.“Armed with only his wits and his cunning, one man recklessly defies the French revolutionaries and rescues scores of innocent men, women, and children from the deadly guillotine. His friends and foes know him only as the Scarlet Pimpernel. But the ruthless French agent Chauvelin is sworn to discover his identity and to hunt him down.”

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We love surprises, and we’re sure you too do. So here’s one!

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Great Expectations: Discussions and reviews.

Source: Google images.

I’m happy that my first encounter with this book was years after high school, for most of the teens I know seem to have tossed the book away, unaware of the literary treasures lying in underneath its words.

Although its narrative, by shallow inspection, isn’t the most engaging, the plot structure is probably one of the richest and the deepest I have ever explored. I can never say the story was boring, because I often was driven to consider different possibilities. And though some twists were solemnly based on mere coincidences, Dickens succeeded in keeping me guessing until the very end.

The themes are timeless; you don’t need to live in the Victorian era to conclude that everybody has a little Pip lingering inside them in varying degrees, longing for a more fortunate life and seeking affection, and a better social class. When it comes to symbols, I find using the “misty marshes” and the “Satis House” very brilliant. You can easily find that each character, symbolized something crucial as well.

Worthy to mention, I felt at many points how pathetic Pip’s fondness of Estella was, for instance when he says:

“Whatever her tone with me happened to be, I could put no trust in it, and build no hope on it; and yet I went on against trust and against hope.”
“Estella, to the last hour of my life, you cannot choose but remain part of my character, part of the little good in me, part of the evil. But, in this separation, I associate you only with the good; and I will faithfully hold you to that always, for you must have done me far more good than harm, let me feel now what sharp distress I may. O God bless you, God forgive you!”
And finally, as a personal criterion of how touching a story is, I spent the last four chapters weeping. Yes, this is how I know a book deserves 5 stars.
Now it’s your turn. How did you find the book?
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Some books are destined to be read..

Brace yourselves, the random picker has made a choice! *Drums roll* And the winning book is an epic that has been adapted into a TV show. I’ll give you a hint:

“Winter is coming.”

‘GOT’ it? No? Now here’s a pitch:

Capture 2


Yes. Our book is the first of the series “A Song Of Ice And Fire”; the picker decided that A Game Of Thrones must be read.



Now make sure you have enough coffee and plenty of blankets to curl up underneath… Because WINTER IS COMING!

* If you don’t have the book, I am certain there are so many free versions online, just Google. We don’t care how you get it, our only concern you reading it.

* Discussions and reviews of Great Expectations start tomorrow.

Last call for October’s nominations!

Good times fly fast! Now since you guys seem too busy to nominate books, we decided to choose from September’s pool of nominations (excluding of course the book we read), this leaves the following:

  1.  A Game of Thrones by  George R. R. Martin.
  2. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.
  3. Animal Farm by George Orwell.
  4. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.
  5. Emma by Jane Austen.
  6. Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry.
  7. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.
  8. The Maze Runner by James Dashner.
  9. The Road by Cormac McCarthy.
  10. The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emma Orczy.
  11. The Cuckoo’s Calling by J. K. Rowling. (This’s the only new nomination).

Now if you have something better in mind, kindly comment it below this post. We’re so late this month (sorry, our fault), so we’ll pick a single book tonight using the random picker. No voting.

October is coming…

How ya doin’? Are you done yet?

Yes? Congrats then! You’re awesome! 😀

Nope? It’s okay, you’ve got a few more days to catch up, better late than never. (Dude! Hurry up!)

Haven’t even started/late to the party? Never mind, October is coming! Which means it’s time to nominate a new book! Come on, get busy and tell us…

What would you want to read next month?

Comment below this post!

P.S. Discussions and reviews of “Great Expectations” start on October 1st. Stay posted, we have surprises!