A Game Of Thrones: Discussions and reviews.

Source: Goodreads.

Another book crossed off our reading list! We want a big discussion. We’ll have the same cliché discussion questions for every book we finish. Now, tell me…


– How did you experience the book?

– Would you describe the book as a “page-turner”?

– Themes and symbols, were they meaningful?

– Any inspiring quotes or characters?

– Anything you didn’t like, disagreed with?

– How did you find the end?

– Has this book added anything to you, changed you in any way?

** Questions inspired from LitLovers.com.


Here’s a review from THE CLAWED MOTH. Watch out for spoilers!



Here’s what I thought, feel free to disagree with me! 😉 😛



*** Oh, by the way, you must already know, but the winning book for November is Pride and Prejudice! We apologize for this delay.


Miss me?!


Kinda been AWOL I know, but I have been swamped, hung out to dry and then swamped some more…
ANYHOW! I am back and I wanna see some comments!! 🙂 ;).

Tell me how you doin’. How much you are loving/hating the book but mostly how much you like this post. 😛 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑

Seriously guys, HOW GOOD IS THAT BOOK?!

Important: There has been a slight change of rules, now all your nominations go to the Pool Of Nominations page, click the link for more details.

Some books are destined to be read..

Brace yourselves, the random picker has made a choice! *Drums roll* And the winning book is an epic that has been adapted into a TV show. I’ll give you a hint:

“Winter is coming.”

‘GOT’ it? No? Now here’s a pitch:

Capture 2


Yes. Our book is the first of the series “A Song Of Ice And Fire”; the picker decided that A Game Of Thrones must be read.



Now make sure you have enough coffee and plenty of blankets to curl up underneath… Because WINTER IS COMING!

* If you don’t have the book, I am certain there are so many free versions online, just Google. We don’t care how you get it, our only concern you reading it.

* Discussions and reviews of Great Expectations start tomorrow.