How it works..

  • Step 2: We put all suggestions into an online random picker. (If a book is nominated twice, we add it to the picker twice).
  • Step 3: We run the picker twice, getting 2 winning books.
  • Step 4: We create a poll so you vote for a single book.
  • Step 5: We read the winning book!
  • Step 6: Finish first and get your suggestion for the next month entered twice in the picker! (Don’t cheat, we trust you!)
  • Step 7: Discussions and reviews.

P.S. We’ll start with one book monthly, and see how it goes from there…

**For any better suggestions regarding book picking, let us know by commenting on this page, or feel free to contact us on


5 thoughts on “How it works..

    • On our website:
      We are already reading “A Game Of Thrones” for October.
      Before the end of October we’ll post a new thread, asking you to nominate for November, you’ll comment your nomination under that post.


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