Getting to know you..

We did our part, now it’s your turn to introduce yourself. Write an excerpt about who you are, where you come from, what you do for living, favorite authors/book genres… etc. Anything you’d like to share.


13 thoughts on “Getting to know you..

  1. Ohhh, what to say? I think this blog is such a great idea! I want to join the book club, but my last semester of school starts September 3rd and I can’t get a book at the library before then! Will people be able to join the discussions late? As far as books, I’m up for anything! I’m currently finishing up the first Game of Thrones book and will hopefully be reading For Whom The Bell Tolls by Earnest Hemingway next week when I have some free time! I own these books, hence the reason I’m able to have them on me. I can’t really recommend two books, but I do love some good historical fiction and funny autobiographies. 🙂


    • You’re welcome to join any discussions, and it’s okay if you don’t want to recommend anything this time. Feel free to catch up anytime you like. 😀


      • yay! Yeah I want to join in as much as I can but it will be a little difficult since I need to order the books through the library, etc etc. I’ll join when I can though! I’ve never done a book club before 😀

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  2. Hiiiii!!!
    This is such a great idea and This is great time to start as I am procrastinating so much.
    I have Great expectations by Chalres Dickens to read but I’ve been putting it off for some odd reason. So that maybe? And Emma by Jane Austen?
    I hope i am not the only to get my hands on these books so late. I hope we can read this.
    I am sooo glad you came up with this idea, Sara! 😀


  3. This is a very creative idea. I’ll be happy to be a part of it. I’m Justina, and I’m a novelist-in-the-making and avid reader. I’m working toward getting my first book published and currently blogging short stories as a way to meet new readers and network. Thanks for letting me be a part of this.


  4. Hi there! I’m Nicolás and I happened to find this blog by chance (I’ve just started one of my own to make sure I write regularly). I’m from Argentina, and printed version of some books in English may be hard to come by, but if you’re going for the classics (Austen, Dickens, Hemingway) I can easily get those!
    mmm let me see. I recommend Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Dicken’s David Copperfield.

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  5. Hey!
    I made a list of 100 things I wanted to do in 2014 and joining a book club was one of them. Coincidence that I just happened upon a blog post about this? I think not 🙂
    My name is McKae, I’m from Washington State but living in Salt Lake City right now. I graduated with my bachelors in International Cultural Studies a little over a year ago and would like to get into Humanitarian work.
    I love reading, but I don’t do enough of it. I love books about dystopian societies which is great because they are all the rage right now. (Hunger Games, Divergent, Enders Game, The Giver, etc.)
    I’m super stoked about this, it’s a super great idea.

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