Meet the creators!

The creators of this blog are two people who vary in awesomeness, from very to you-can’t-even-believe-it. And since many claim awesomeness without having the tiniest proof of it, we intend to do just that. Not that we can’t prove it of course, but we want you to be the judge.

Our first creator, Sara, is 24-year-old Egyptian doctor. She has her keyboards in every corner of the internet, you have probably met her somewhere else before. The proud author of The Accidental Blog is gracing us all here by sharing her bookwoormness, or more of it to be exact.

The second creator, Ola, is a biochemist and a nutritionist, and working on her master degree. She, however, is a closet one, and more of an observer who appreciates all good things especially a good book, but have had an off-again-off again relation with all things internet.

We plan to read books (DUH!), but you’ll be with us, contributing, and sharing your reviews. We hope you would stick around and unleash your bookaholism! 😉

Just a useless piece of info: Sara and Ola are cousins and share the same birthday, but Sara is few hours older, and 20 centimetres shorter! 😛


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